110126 SeungRi on Noh Hong Chul's Best Friends Show 

  • No Hong Chul: Who's your favorite hyung?
  • Seungri: To be honest, I am a bit biased towards G-Dragon hyung. We've been roommates for three years. Also, G-Dragon hyung is a tough love kind of person. After he scolds me, he would take care of me secretly. It's a little annoying.
  • No Hong Chul: How does he take care of you?
  • Seungri: During my first broadcast, he sent me a 30-line long text message. It was my first time receiving such a long text message from G-Dragon.
  • No Hong Chul: What did the text message say?
  • Seungri: He scolded me. Very objectively and cold. (laughs) He criticized my expressions, live performance, hand gestures, dance moves, etc. "Was that really you? Why aren't you excercising recently? Why was it so ordinary? What's with your eye contact? Why aren't you looking at the red light in the cameras?" I got an earful when I woke up in the morning. (laughs) I felt like dying. So I told him, "Hyung, I will improve. Please wait on it." And then that day, hyung called everyone around me, like my manager, stylist, and he asked them to look after me. "Please take care of Seungri's mental state. Please prepare good food for him. Please give him hot drinks so that he won't catch a cold. Please adjust the temperature in the car so that he'll feel warm. The weather might be colder so please prepare a jacket for him."
  • No Hong Chul: So that Seungri can be at his best.
  • Seungri: I couldn't stop my tears when I heard it.
  • No Hong Chul: Of course. Finding out about that would be touching.
  • Seungri: It's a little "annoying", because it's too "cool". He write songs so well. He performs excellently. He's also good-looking and wears clothes stylishly.

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